Quite Simply, I love cameras. Almost as much as having solid facial hair… Almost as much as writing my own bios in the 3rd person… well, I’d actually prefer not to do that.

Following the completion of my BFA in Cinematography from Chapman University (Orange, CA), I furthered my passion for working with the vast tools of filmmaking with a decades long career at Clairmont Camera as well as the American Film Institute as a HD technician / senior engineer. At the end of 2013, I joined the freelancer world, working as cameraman/operator on a variety of projects ranging from a music documentary series and corporate toy commercials to the yearly AVN Awards Show (I’ll let you look that one up). When I’m not behind the lens, you could also find me on the weekend, projecting movies at the Hollywood Forever cemetery for the last 4 seasons. In 2016, I made the jump from Los Anegles to Berlin, Germany to further explore shooting short form projects as well as documenting the never-ending plethora of creatives this city has to offer.

Hast du eine Vision? Ich habe die Kamera… Seriously, let’s make something.

CV HERE or if you prefer, LINKEDIN HERE

Owner of a Sony FS5, A7sII, Atoms Inferno, Arri Softkit, etc.