"Bags" Series

During the Fall of 2015, I began work on a series of self-portraits that fused dream-like imagery with the use of artificial lighting in outdoor locations. I shot all of these without assistance while on a 2-month trip spanning Sweden, Germany, France, UK and Iceland. This is just a selection of just a few of my favorites. And yes, it was hard to breathe in the bag, but not as hard as trusting that no one was going to steal an unattended camera.

- Z


Out & About with Paradebeispiel

Blending their love of hip-hop and hard hitting techno beats, Paradebeispiel is rap duo hailing from Berlin, Germany. Their a LP titled "Durchgeknallt" and newest EP "Nachtschicht" will definitely get your head bobbing and your feet moving. Recently, I had the pleasure of exploring and photographing the dou throughout the endlessly photogenic UBahn stations of the city.

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