Chris Sperandio Interview

Christopher Sperandio is an artist / professor based out of Houston, Texas. In these short promotions, Chris discusses the motivation behind his three part series “Pinko Joe”, an incredibly unique re-purposing and re-drawing of public domain mid-century comic books. Chris lead a short discussion about this work at SomoS Berlin on Feb. 23, 2017 entitled "Run! The Old World is Behind You".

Promo 1 - "Junk Culture"
Promo 2 - "Bat Shit"

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Rückenwind Promo

Rückenwind is a Berlin based organization dedicated to supplying bicycles and the skills required to maintain them to the refugees seeking a new home in Germany. During the weekly workshops, volunteers work side-by-side with a refugee teaching him the fundamentals of bicycle repair.

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"Move Live" Trailer

Agora MOVE is a platform dedicated to the study, practice and production of dance and performance art in Berlin Neukölln. "Move Live" was a collective fusion of these principles featuring nearly two dozen performers on Nov. 12,2016. Agora Collective is a center for contemporary practices in Berlin.

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Graham-Guy Robinson "Wet Look"

Graham-Guy Robinson is a visual artist based out of the UK. In this profile, he discusses his work "Wet Look" which blends live performance with sculpture. This work was featured at the "Custom Paradise" Group Exhibition at SomoS Art House from Oct. 25-20th, 2016.

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Michel Reilhac "Viens!"

"Michel Reilhac designs innovative story based experiences, using digital platforms and real life events. His creative approach to storytelling ambitions to offer viewers/ participants a unique opportunity for an immersive, participatory and interactive experience." In this profile, Michel discuss his VR film "Viens!"

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Sadie Weis "Rainbow Gravity"

Sadie Weis is a American-born artist based out of Berlin. In this profile, she discuss her installation piece "Rainbow Gravity" featured in the "Custom Paradise" Group Show from Oct. 25-20th, 2016 at SomoS. Her work mixes the use of found objects, lighting, and chemistry experiments.

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The Center for People
with Things for Hands

This web-series focuses on the story of two friends' relationship while at a state-of-the-art facility dedicated to helping those with this unusual birth defect.

Watch Trailer Here
Entire Series Available Here

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